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Please read the following and follow the link to our Printable Credit Application.

Please fax signed copy to Credit Department at 336-841-3103


Greensboro Pipe Company's standard credit terms are Net (30) days from invoice date and the conditions are as follows:

n consideration of the extension of credit by Greensboro Pipe Company the undersigned agrees:

1. To pay the balance of the account in full on the designated date following date of purchase.
2. To pay service charges on any delinquent amount at the maximum rate prescribed by state law.
3. To pay all reasonable charges for collection, including reasonable attorney fees and court costs, if the account is placed with an attorney or collection agency.
4. That Greensboro Pipe Company's standard terms and conditions set forth on its invoices shall govern all sales to the undersigned.
5. In the event a legal action is commenced solely to enforce any of the terms of purchase or obligations created hereby or hereinafter, the legal action will be commenced in, and the proper place of trial therefore shall be, a court of competent jurisdiction in the country in which the distributing warehouse is located.
6. I/we hereby authorize Greensboro Pipe Company to investigate the references listed, banks and credit reporting agencies pertaining to my/our credit and financial responsibility.
7. There will be a $25.00 service charge on all returned checks in compliance with North Carolina G.S. 25-3-506.

By submitting below, you acknowledge, accept, and agree to Greensboro Pipe Company's terms and conditions and certifies that the information given herein is true and correct.

Greensboro Pipe Company Continuing Guarantee

In consideration of Greensboro Pipe Company extending credit hereunder, the undersigned personally, jointly and severally and unconditionally guarantee and promise to pay Greensboro Pipe Company on demand, any and all indebtedness of the above named applicant to Greensboro Pipe Company. This is a continuing guarantee of payment when due and not of collection only and Greensboro Pipe Company may proceed first against the undersigned or any of them if more than one without proceeding against or joining the above named applicant or any other of the undersigned. The obligations created hereby are unaffected by any change in the terms of the original indebtedness between Greensboro Pipe Company and the above named applicant. This guarantee shall continue in effect until the you have notified Greensboro Pipe Company in writing of its cancellation, but such cancellation shall not alter any obligation of the undersigned prior to receipt of such notice.

NOTE: In the event that Greensboro Pipe Company offers extension of credit to the above named credit applicant and /or guarantors on the above terms or in any terms agreed to by said credit applicant and Greensboro Pipe Company, said extension of credit is issued pursuant to the information and financial representations made herein by said applicant and/or said guarantors.

Click on link to open a Printable version of our Credit Application.

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