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Pipe- Tubing - Fittings

Carbon Steel: Domestic Weldbend & Import

A106 & ERW, Plain end, T&C, Black & Galv


Forged Steel: Domestic Penn Machine & Import

3000# in stock, 6000# and 9000# available


Weld Fittings: Sch 40, 80 and Flanges

Import and Domestic Weldbend


Stainless Steel: Sch 5 BQ, 10, 40, 3000#

Grades 304 & 316 Pipe and Fittings

Domestic and Import available


Copper : L, M, K -- Soft and Hard

Wrot and Tectite fittings

Brass threaded fittings, garden hose fittings

Brass Compression Fittings


PVC: Sch 40, 80 thru 16", Clear PVC

CPVC: Sch 80 Pipe & Fittings

Flo-Guard CPVC CTS Pipe & Fittings


PVC DWV Pipe & Fittings


PEX Pipe and fittings & crimp tools


Polyethylene Pipe, hose clamps & barb fittings


Sewer & Drain Pipe (ASTM 2729) & Fittings


Cast Iron Available: No Hub pipe & fittings


Clear Vinyl & Reinforced Tubing


Concrete Pipe Culverts, well caps, rock covers


Corrugated Steel Pipe Culvert (10, 12, 16, 20 footers)

Galvanized in stock, coated & alum available


Hancor Black Corrugated Plastic Pipe & Fittings


Filter Housings, Cartridges & Accessories


Related Items:

Pipe Hangers & Straps by Grinnell & PHD; All Thread Rod, Plain & Plated; Gauges and Pipe Dope Gaskets: Red Rubber, Garlock, Spiral Wound, Teflon, Neoprene; IPS Cements & Cleaners; Teflon Tape, Solder, Hand Tools, Cutting Oil, Gasket Lube, Caulk, Bolt, Nut & Gasket Kits, Saw blades, small hand tools.

 Plumbing Fixtures:

Briggs and Toto Commodes, Rheem Water Heaters, Sterling Kitchen Sinks, Delta and B&K Faucets, Clarion and Lasco Tubs and Showers, Briggs Bathroom sinks & more



Carbon, Stainless, Brass, PVC, CPVC, Sch 40 & 80


Repair Couplings:

Compression, PVC, Brass, Galvanized

Flexible Couplings-Fernco



Gate, Globe, Check, Ball, Cast Steel, Carbon Steel

Bronze & Iron, PVC, CPVC. Flanged, Threaded, Socketweld, Copper sweat. Pressure Reducing, 

Butterfly Valves, Backflow Preventors, Strainers, 

Milwaukee, Hammond, Simmons, Wilkins

Apollo, Crane, Matco, Hayward, Kitz and others



Fiberglass & Foam- Armor-Flex



Pressure Tanks: Amtrol

ASME Code Tanks



Meter Boxes

Insulated Boxes for Meters

Ground Valve and Pump Protection

Plumbing Materials for Rough-in

Commercial & Residential Wire: Submersible and UF


Rough Brass:

Hose Bibbs, Boiler Drains, Gas Cocks

Ball, Gate, Globe

Freeze-Proof Wall & Yard Hydrants



Well Pumps: Submersible & Jet: AY McDonald

Effluent / Sewage & Sump: Zoeller






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